Virus Removal and Basic Tune-Up

  • Basic Virus Cleaning and PC Tune-Up
    • Antivirus is installed and run, temporary files are removed, registry is cleaned and hard drives are defragmented to increase speed and efficiency.
  • In-Depth Virus Cleaning
    • Some viruses cannot be removed with a basic cleaning. These viruses require more extensive cleaning to find and remove.
  • Driver Installations for Hardware
    • Some programs may uninstall drivers or updates may patch to a driver which does not work. This can result in malfunctioning hardware. Hardware can also be installed.
  • Operating System Rebuild
    • Severe problems require a more direct approach. This involves backing up important files and rebuilding the operating system to remove the problem.
  • Removal of Unnecessary Programs
    • Some programs are not needed and slow down your computer. These can be removed to increase speed.

Network and Router Configuration

  • Wireless Router Configuration & Installation
    • Wireless router is installed and configured for a wireless network and one computer is added to the network.
  • Wireless Printer Installation to an Existing Wireless Network
    • Printer is installed and connected to the wireless network and drivers are installed on one computer.
    • Additional driver installations may be done for $15 a device.
  • Wireless Computer Addition to Existing Wireless Network
    • An additional computer or device is added to the wireless network.
  • Xbox Connection to Existing Network (Wired or Wireless)
    • One Xbox is connected to the existing network via a wired or wireless connection.
    • This can be done for any gaming device with networking capabilities.

All services will be charged with the addition of an hourly rate of $60.

Cables and devices will not be provided and must be purchased by the customer or they will be billed for required cables/devices.

Cash or credit is accepted on all services provided.